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Coaching and mentoring those with a desire to have more, do more and be more through positivity, passion and personal development

About Thomas & Selina

Thomas and Selina are successful entrepreneurs who are creating a life by design, walking the road less travelled through creativity, passion and personal development.

Inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves to have, do and be more.

Vision painters, dream creators, spirit lifters, wellness workers, building a multimillion pound global online business alongside family life and many other creative projects.

Thomas and Selina Shrimpton Welcome
“We changed our lives, and now we want to help you do the same!”
Thomas and Selina

Our Story

Run a successful business alongside family life. Thomas and Selina can help you make it happen!

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Work with us, we can help you achieve your dreams.

Coaching and mentoring those who want to create time and financial freedom through building innovative and sustainable recurring income streams.

Shaping incredible lifestyles, teaching you how to grow willable assets giving you the freedom of choice to live a life you truly desire.

“We will show you the secrets to parenting alongside entrepreneurship”
Thomas and Selina

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Webinars, conferences and events. Register your interest and make it happen!

Adding value is in our DNA, offering informative personal development, growth mind-set and entrepreneurial, business building content though webinars and speaking engagements at invitation only conferences and events.

“Always there to turn to when you need advice or support. Always super energised and motivational.”
Aimee England, Business Partner
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We can help you build a business around a happy family life


The world is your stage...

Thomas and Selina were brought up and trained in the performing arts and are very active on the UK music scene and can be seen LIVE performing in professional standard bands, choirs and performance projects.

“Thomas and Selina are brilliant!”
Andrew F.

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